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Operating principle

The turbo principle is, the exhaust gases leaving the engine rotates a propeller (in red on the diagram). This fin is coupled by a shaft to a second helix (in blue) to be role as to compress the air.

It is this compressed air to be sent into the engine, which will increase the oxygen content and the pressure in the combustion chamber, thereby promoting power.

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Renovation, repair or series turbo unit

Upon receipt of your turbochargers, we technicians proceed with the removal of this one turbo All parts are washed and sanded. To ensure tolerance dimensions and quality of reuses, these parts undergo a visual and metrological control.

Once all control operations and made repairs, rotos are balanced on our dynamic balancing and central assemblies are balanced on our high-speed balancing (VSR) reaching 240,000 rev / min under oil pressure.

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competition preparation

For repair or preparation competitions cars, please contact us to investigate the specifications.


Services and resources

SAS Entropy has the balancing machines and last generation test REDAT in Italy, namely:

  • A sander microbeads
  • A washer parts (biological)
  • A Turbo max machine for rotors
  • A VSR machine MRV2 type for the CHRA
  • A machine GET TEST (flow bench) for the actuator and the variable geometry
  • An injector test bench comm rail (Bosch, Delphi, DENSO and Seimens)
  • A lap
  • A milling machine
  • A grinder
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Instrumentation for metrology tools