Turbo Repair

Renovation, repair or series turbo unit

Upon receipt of your turbo, we technicians conduct disassembly, all parts of the turbo are washed and sanded. To ensure tolerance dimensions and quality of reuses, these undergo a visual and metrological control.

Once all operations control and repairs, rotos are balanced on our dynamic balancing and central assemblies are balanced on a (VSR) reaching 200,000 rev / min with oil étenchièté control.

This balancing VSR home Redat Italy allows us to test bench and an optimum balance and perfect sealing of the turbo.

The final phase is the Get test machine (flow Bench) which adjusts the actuator (wastegate) and variable geometry.

The turbo is then mounted and ready to ship. We are able to provide a serious job with maximum quality.

Damage Gallery Turbo

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